30 Oktober 2010

broke up

it's just a simple word
but full of meaning
that word has really described my feeling right now.

yea, i just broke up with wizli pratama. a boy who really makes me know what the real meaning of love. thanks for makes my days brighter, thanks for makes me know that losing someone is not that easy, and thanks for everything didi. :D

and maybe this will be my last post that labeled 'Wzl'

23 Oktober 2010

miss sasabun

BOO! It'a been a long time not posting anything here.

I really miss this page. But really, everytime I see this page, there's a lot of things that I want to share, but after I click New Post, it's like all gone. Or when I want to post about him, after I think twiced, it's like "noo, it's too private to share on this page", so I decided to sign out from here.

Mmm.. By the way some minutes ago, I wanted to post about my high school friends but then a few minutes later I think there's nothing to share about em. So.. G☺☺D BYE!! see u next post ;)